The Ultimate Guide to Sweaty Palms Clinic: Transforming Lives at Neumark Surgery

Mar 15, 2024


Neumark Surgery is renowned for its excellence in the field of medical care, particularly in the specialization of treating sweaty palms. At Neumark Surgery, we understand the impact that excessive sweating can have on one's quality of life, both personally and professionally. Our team of expert doctors and plastic surgeons are dedicated to providing cutting-edge treatments and compassionate care to help patients regain their confidence and live comfortably.

Understanding Sweaty Palms

Sweaty palms, medically known as palmar hyperhidrosis, is a common condition characterized by excessive sweating in the palms of the hands. This condition can be debilitating for those affected, causing social anxiety, embarrassment, and interference with daily activities. At Neumark Surgery, we specialize in diagnosing and treating sweaty palms with a personalized approach tailored to each patient's needs.

Comprehensive Treatment Options

Neumark Surgery offers a comprehensive range of advanced treatment options for sweaty palms, including minimally invasive procedures and surgical interventions. Our experienced doctors and plastic surgeons utilize the latest technologies and techniques to deliver outstanding results with minimal downtime for our patients.

Non-Surgical Treatments

  • Topical Treatments: Our clinic offers effective topical treatments that can help reduce sweating and improve overall hand dryness.
  • Iontophoresis: We provide iontophoresis treatments, a non-invasive procedure that uses electrical currents to control excessive sweating.
  • Botox Injections: Neumark Surgery specializes in administering Botox injections to target sweat glands and provide long-lasting relief from sweaty palms.

Surgical Interventions

  • Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS): Our skilled surgeons perform ETS, a minimally invasive procedure that permanently disrupts the nerves responsible for excessive sweating in the palms.
  • Laser Sweat Ablation: Neumark Surgery offers laser sweat ablation as an innovative surgical option to permanently reduce sweating in the palms.

Expert Team of Doctors and Plastic Surgeons

Neumark Surgery boasts a world-class team of doctors and plastic surgeons who are leaders in the field of sweaty palms treatment. Our specialists have extensive training and experience in addressing hyperhidrosis through a multidisciplinary approach that prioritizes patient safety and satisfaction.

Experience the Neumark Surgery Difference

Choosing Neumark Surgery for your sweaty palms treatment means partnering with a trusted healthcare provider dedicated to delivering exceptional care and transformative results. Our state-of-the-art clinic, personalized treatment plans, and compassionate staff ensure that every patient receives the highest standard of care in a warm and welcoming environment.


Neumark Surgery is your premier destination for expert sweaty palms treatment, offering a comprehensive range of innovative solutions provided by top doctors and plastic surgeons. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards regaining control of your life and confidence.

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